Hello Iceland!

It has been top 5 bucket list for me going on the better part of 5 years now. Adding to my desire to travel to this winter wonderland, it seemed that the past 2 years an overwhelming number of friends, or friends of friends, have traveled there. Not one has had a negative thing to say about it. My curiosity finally led me here. In mid-January nonetheless. This can be viewed as either a fortunate or unfortunate time to visit, depending upon your outlook.



London’s Warm Embrace

Oh London! How I have missed you. I was last here in 2014 with my best friend Cecil on our way to India for a 3 week adventure. While we only had about a 10 hour layover, we hurried to the Heathrow Express into Paddington station. In such a short time you can’t do a lot of what London has to offer but what you can squeeze in by just getting off at the Waterloo (or Westminster) station can easily fill several hours. Cecil had never experienced London despite being raised in Leeds as a young boy as his parents were immigrating to what would eventually be America. Coming up the steps into the warm sunshine and light breeze on a partly cloudy day, the excitement beaming from Cecil’s enchanting smile. We hopped into line for the Eye, boarded one of its cabins and ventured around its circle with great views of old London. Where it’s hearty history lies.


Go Live. Go Love.

My New Year’s Eve commenced over the Atlantic somewhere between yesteryear and the future. But really in consciousness between Nova Scotia and Iceland as the mock plane on the map displayed on the screen in front of me slowly progressed toward my physical destination, London. Embarking upon a different life’s path than 99% of us will ever be able or willing to venture down, is all things intimidating, scary, exciting and freeing. Making such a decision to sell 90% of your earthly belongings, leaving everything familiar to stretch your wings and fly in the direction of something unknown, is not an easy one.


Tucker’s Final High Five

On January 11, 2016, I awoke and as usual when I am home in Atlanta, I meandered downstairs to brew a cup of coffee, say good morning to my dad comfortable in his recliner and to pet my dog, Tucker. Earlier that morning, Tucker came back from his morning walk with my dad and unbeknownst to my him, he tore into a bag of dog food and ate to his heart’s content. He had done this once before and was sick for a couple of days, but it passed harmlessly, minus some diarrhea and throw up. My morning and afternoon consisted of my routine of trading stock options but with an intense focus as the market was in free fall. Not paying much attention to him during the day, I took him out for his evening walk and noticed he was really lagging. (more…)

Chowder in Seattle!

I don’t profess to be the arbiter of anything relating to taste buds nor how a savory Clam Chowder’s flavor and consistency is to be described as it crosses beyond one’s palate. However, should you find yourself in Seattle’s Pike Place Market section, make your way to Pike Place Chowder, take up a stool at the bar or outdoor table and enjoy some delicious New England Clam Chowder. Or if your adventurous and have a bigger appetite try the Sampler consisting of their chowders and bisque. You can even enjoy it in a bread bowl. You won’t regret it. Trust me.