The Shame Must Be Shed

I must come clean!


Something that I promised myself I wouldn’t do while on this long journey I violated. En mi camino al estudio en mi clase de español a finales de la semana pasada, tuve que parar y conseguir algo de comer. Yo no había comido desde el desayuno y estaba hambriento. Translated to English, I was on my way to Spanish class, was starving and needed to eat. Having very little time, I had to get something quick to eat. I broke down. In an extreme moment of weakness, I saw the symbol. (more…)

“I’ll Ride The Wave, Where It Takes Me”

“He made it to the ocean, had a smoke in a tree
The wind rose up, set him down on his knee. A wave came crashing like a fist to the jaw. Delivered him wings, “Hey, look at me now”
Arms wide open with the sea as his floor
Oh, power, oh
He’s.. flying”

I sit alone, recalling, resting. Rejuvenated. Halfway through my second day of surfing in Arrifana, Portugal, I am nestled upon large gray rocks staring out at waves breaking on a 500M stretch of beach that rests perfectly beneath surrounding cliffs rising effortlessly into the heavens. The rocks upon which I sit give way to golden sand beckoning my presence to come frolic in the serenity of the tides that kiss gently its million years journey to this very spot. Soaking up the sun’s rays, I feel enlightened by nature encircling me as the breaking waves call out as they did yesterday as I first approached her kingdom. It’s request, “Come in and leave a bit of your legacy with us to share with shores around the world because like yours, our currents journey doesn’t end here. It carries on through every sunset and sees its way onward until the moon waves its goodbye to the new days light. Come join us for an exhilarating soulful awakening that will be shared by all who enter our purifying water. Your legacy will be bountiful to many.”


Glaciers, Freezing Rain and Hot Dogs

Day 3 –

Awaking comfortably with the heat from the generator still warming our CV, the weather looked ominous as we made our way to Vestahorn. This was a recommendation of Guido and Tom who had taken a marvelous picture of it on the morning that we met them. We drove up to the building at the entrance to the park that had a cafe. It was about 8 AM so they were still closed. However, more importantly in a cabin off to the side of the main building was a bathroom. And a shower! It had been three days since I had showered so I made quick use of the very hot waters that flowed from the shower head. Sadly, Anthony didn’t shower. Even more sad was that we weren’t greeted with the same spectacular skies Tom and Guido had just a day earlier. (more…)

Northern Lights, Horses and Cold!

Day one began harmlessly enough. It was still pitch black outside at nine-thirty when we set out to walk to the van rental place.  Oh, I forgot to mention it was freaking cold! After a few wrong turns we came across a host of Asian fisherman each frantically inhaling pack of cigarettes before their next shift begins, they offered no help to two lost white gents with a smartphone acting as our unfolded map. Arriving about a half hour after we left the hostel, not yet frozen but close, we were about to immerse ourselves into this playground for the senses by renting a Camper Van from Having someone to be my copilot and take some of the burden of driving would be very helpful on these sometimes treacherous roads. The buddy who was brave enough to make this journey with me was an adventurous soul himself.


Hello Iceland!

It has been top 5 bucket list for me going on the better part of 5 years now. Adding to my desire to travel to this winter wonderland, it seemed that the past 2 years an overwhelming number of friends, or friends of friends, have traveled there. Not one has had a negative thing to say about it. My curiosity finally led me here. In mid-January nonetheless. This can be viewed as either a fortunate or unfortunate time to visit, depending upon your outlook.


London’s Warm Embrace

Oh London! How I have missed you. I was last here in 2014 with my best friend Cecil on our way to India for a 3 week adventure. While we only had about a 10 hour layover, we hurried to the Heathrow Express into Paddington station. In such a short time you can’t do a lot of what London has to offer but what you can squeeze in by just getting off at the Waterloo (or Westminster) station can easily fill several hours. Cecil had never experienced London despite being raised in Leeds as a young boy as his parents were immigrating to what would eventually be America. Coming up the steps into the warm sunshine and light breeze on a partly cloudy day, the excitement beaming from Cecil’s enchanting smile. We hopped into line for the Eye, boarded one of its cabins and ventured around its circle with great views of old London. Where it’s hearty history lies.