Delight in Dingle & Foxy John’s 

When you find yourself on a Monday, or any day for that matter, guide yourself to the Dingle Peninsula and settle in for a sippy (if not tipsy) and fun night in Dingle. A town as perfectly placed along the sea as Sausalito is in the bay area of California. Getting lost in this small town will be a joyous occasion. Trust me. If you hate the idea of getting lost while driving a manual shift car on inclined roads, rest assured this will be five minutes you will not wish you had back. For there is no better way to get to know Dingle than to be lost along its tiny roads, appreciating its multi-colored buildings, its multitude of pubs attached to their namesake B&B, and admire its many smiling faces wandering the streets as they greet each other with warm embraces. Also, in that five minutes you will have memorized all six streets that dominate this little gem of an Irish town. You will ask yourself which was worth more in getting lost. What you saw or what you learned. 

Starting at Murphy’s Pub near the waterfront, where you can have a great traditional Lamb Stew with a Guinness, meander back to the town center, head up toward the church and then make a right when that street dead ends. Hug the right side and stumble inside the narrow double doors of Foxy John’s. Doubling as a hardware store, the counter to purchase your home repair items are on the right side and the bar to order a pint or a finger of your favorite liquor is on the left as you enter. You certainly will not find a hardware/bar in America, nor Ireland, or anywhere in the EU come to think of it. Add the rest of the UK to that list and you truly have a unique and distinct experience awaiting you. As I write this (while sipping my smooth tasting Guinness) hanging from the ceiling are pairs of workers goggles, a shower head and hose, and a pair of rubber rain boots along with quite a few things I recognize but have no clue what they are called. Tim “the Toolman” Taylor would be in heaven here, although the toys aren’t big enough for his liking. Behind the counter is what you would find at any hardware store in the U.S. Approximately 10 feet separate the hardware store counter  and the actual pub bar. Stools proper for sipping a Guinness or Southwick while you browse the wall for your household DIY project, line the hardware counter.

Behind the counter is a nice, cheery lady named Libby, who merrily pours the drink of your choice. There are more labels of liquor as there are bug killer products and screw bits. Once you stumble outside this needle in a haystack the town is your oyster for finding another watering hole. Left, right or back down toward the church to the waterfront, you will not be disappointed with options to carry you well into the evening.

And don’t worry, since arriving here I havent seen one taxi and surely no Uber. Which is a testament to knowing you are never more than about 2 blocks from the comfort and confines of whatever lodging you booked to lay your head before repeating it all again the next night.

Rest easy and enjoy Dingle! It certainly will enjoy and take great pleasure in your joyous harmony. For it’s nearly impossible to set foot here and be in a bad mood when its grabbed ahold of you with its charm. If somehow you are in a bad mood in the morning, clean yourself up, grab a coffee or tea and settle in behind the wheel of your car and test your melancholy state with one of the most epic and awe inspiring drives you will ever experience. Slea Head Drive. If after this 2+ hour drive (only about 45km but you will want to stop frequently, trust me) you are still in a bad mood, you should check yourself into the nearest clinic for depression. Because you may be hopelessly lost in your own miserable existence.

Go live!

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