So It Begins

After months of planning and detailed preparation, when the day finally arrives for you to embark upon your dream come true around the world trip, how should one react and behave after waking in the morning?

Shouldn’t you be ecstatic and eager to usher in the experiences that await and leap out of bed? As I hit snooze on my alarm with the most epic journey of my life set to begin in a few short hours, what gripped me and occupied my thoughts most was, “There is still so much left to do. How could I have let two months go by at my parents house and not have all this squared away?” Like most of you, I procrastinated doing much of what needed to be done prior to one leaving the country for 18 months. For anyone who hasn’t planned an extensive journey preparing your trip and making sure all your domestic affairs are in order (i.e., bill pay setup, car note payoffs, loan payoffs, living will written, etc.), is a daunting and arduous task. And stressful. More so than I have ever experienced. It took its toll. Trust me.
Out the door and finishing my last few errands it was time to tidy up the bedroom at my parents house where I had resided the last 2 months. Passport in hand, bags strapped to my back, saying last goodbye’s to those I loved and am leaving behind,  I was ready for the start of this new beginning. Act 1 of my life is a wrap and in the rear view mirror. Intermission, lasted 3 months and consisted of seeing friends and loved ones, reminiscing about days long ago but pondering the world of new adventures that would eclipse the past. Find your seats, the curtain is set to go up in the next act in the theater of my life’s story. It’s time for Act 2!
And, So It Begins…

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